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Black Truffle

Black Truffle

“The diamond of the kitchen” black truffles are precious and exotic – one of the most expensive foods you can buy. But they are so much more. Truffles are fungi like mushrooms, tubers that grow below the surface amongst the roots of particular trees. Mycorrhizal symbiosis between fungus and tree roots enhance the nutrient exchange between each. The Black Truffle picks up the flavor of the earth and the oak roots where they grow. Woody, savory, musky. They are similar in flavor to mushrooms but more intense and sensuous and instantly elevate any dish.

Black Truffle Olive Oil transforms scrambled or poached eggs from basic to exotic and is equally amazing drizzled on top of pasta. Experience this luxurious earthy taste in risotto, poultry stuffing and over fish, roast vegetables or mashed potatoes. Add a few drops to mayonnaise and make a sauce to die for. Do you love grilled cheese sandwiches? Love them more with melted cheese rich with Black Truffle – ecstasy!

Try it over freshly popped corn – no kidding! Some would call it decadent – we call it delicious!

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